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Contact Indianapolis attorney Darryn Duchon if you need advice or assistance regarding division of property in a partition action.

When unmarried persons break up their shared household, or if one of them dies or becomes legally incapacitated, serious problems can arise as to the division of their assets and debts, the characterization or liquidation of real estate they own together, or whether a given asset should pass to the surviving partner or to the deceased partner's heir.

Negotiation or litigation of these issues can be difficult with or without a preexisting and valid domestic partnership agreement , however it may be labeled, but without an agreement or written guidance as to the disposition of joint assets and debts, or something to indicate which of the parties' assets and debts are shared and which are separate, proving in court as to who owns what can be especially difficult.

Indianapolis attorney Darryn Duchon is experienced with the negotiation, settlement, and litigation of the breakup of unmarried, co-habitating couples in domestic partnerships who may jointly own property. He can give you a clear understanding of your rights and liabilities, as well as the risks involved in taking your claims against your former partner to court. For example, without documentation, joint interests in real estate between unmarried persons are extremely difficult to prove. Even when real property is held in a tenancy in common, proof of each party's contribution to the equity in the house might be hard to establish in a domestic partnership breakup.

Darryn Duchon's familiarity with the issues and problems of domestic partner breakup cases can work to your advantage if you're having difficulty proving your right to shared assets as your arrangement is dissolving. For additional information, contact Indiana partnership dissolution lawyer Darryn Duchon in Indianapolis. Evening and Saturday Hours Available.

Indianapolis domestic relations lawyer Darryn L. Duchon represents clients in partition actions between unmarried persons, domestic partnership dissolution cases, and other disputes involving the division of assets and debts between joint tenants or tenants in common in Marion County, Hamilton County, Boone County, Hendricks County, Morgan County, Johnson County, Shelby County, Hancock County, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Pendleton, Greenwood, Avon, Zionsville, Beech Grove, and Danville IN.

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