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Darryn L. Duchon - Certified Mediator - Family Lawyer in Indianapolis - Arbitrator - Parenting Coordinator - Guardian ad Litem

Indianapolis divorce mediation attorney Darryn Duchon is a certified mediator who serves by court appointment in divorce cases filed in Marion County, Hamilton County, and Boone County, Indiana. He also serves as a private mediator by agreement of the parties in divorce cases, where both spouses recognize that they can achieve substantial savings in time and money by resolving their differences through mediation. If you need a family lawyer in Indianapolis who has substantial experience with mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques, contact mediator Darryn Duchon for further information.

In most counties surrounding Indianapolis, all disputed divorce issues must be submitted to mediation before the Family Court judge will hold a formal hearing. Family Mediation, including child custody mediation, is a process in which the parties seek to resolve their differences through compromise. The mediator facilitates agreement by keeping the discussion focused on the objective of agreement rather than the distractions of blame or fault. In the experience of certified Indiana divorce mediator Darryn Duchon, even divorcing parties whose relations are marked with bitterness and resentment can achieve excellent results in mediation. Darryn Duchon has mediated for some of the best family attorneys in Indiana.

A powerful incentive for divorce mediation, of course, is the high expense, delay, and uncertainty of divorce litigation. A full-blown contested hearing on child custody issues, complete with expert testimony and psychological examinations, can easily generate five-figure attorney's fees for each side and take many months to resolve. Many divorcing couples quickly learn that the best way to get what they need is through negotiation, arbitration, or mediation. Darryn Duchon has sliding scale mediation fees for his mediation services that are reduced for families with modest means.

Sometimes divorcing parties agree to submit their differences to arbitration. Unlike a mediator, a divorce arbitrator is authorized to order the resolution of the dispute. The Indiana Legislature gave divorce arbitration formal recognition on July 1, 2005. Parties might decide to submit open issues to arbitration to speed up the process by avoiding the stagnate court system, and to avoid publicity.

Parenting Coordination

For divorced or separated parents with complicated child rearing issues, an alternative to utilizing an attorney and facing court proceedings is using a Parenting Coordinator. A Parenting Coordinator is appointed by the Court and has limited authority to resolve disputes by agreement of the parties. Utilizing a Parenting Coordinator is a more efficient and effective process for dealing with parenting or parenting time disputes between parents.

If you're interested in divorce mediation, family mediation, child custody mediation, arbitration, or any other alternative dispute resolution approach that can help spare you the expense and uncertainty of divorce litigation in Family Court, contact Indianapolis Parenting Coordinator, divorce mediator and Guardian ad Litem Darryn Duchon.

Guardian ad Litem

Darryn L Duchon has also completed the Guardian ad Litem training and is accepting appointments as an advocate for children involved in family law litigation.

Indianapolis divorce mediator Darryn L. Duchon represents divorce and family law clients in court-ordered divorce mediation, private mediation, child custody mediation, family mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings in Marion County, Hamilton County, Boone County, Hendricks County, Morgan County, Johnson County, Shelby County, Hancock County, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Pendleton, Greenwood, Avon, Zionsville, Beech Grove, and Danville IN.

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